Preserving Natural Areas

Preserving natural areas for wildlife habitat—such as Pumalín Park—is the most direct tool we use to achieve our overarching goal of protecting biodiversity. But land conservation alone can't assure the continued health of ecosystems: activism is crucial, and we have engaged in a variety of environmental campaigns against pressing threats to the places we love and work. Since we aim to advance good environmental stewardship beyond the borders of Pumalín Park, we have participated in numerous campaigns against shortsighted and selfish industrial activities—essentially, bad development—that threaten to undermine our conservation initiatives. Over the years, we have collaborated with activists to advance our ecophilosophy and defend our projects against thoughtless road building, river damming, industrial aquaculture, illegal logging, and more. Attacks from over-developers and ultra-nationalists have drawn us into the activist circle; we do not look to pick fights, but activism is in our DNA as we oppose the constant onslaught of heedless development. Our "family of foundations" supports many local and national activist NGOs, and works to build capacity in these groups.

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