Community Outreach

Since the Pumalín Project's inception, we have supported our neighboring communities through a series of initiatives, from large to small. These efforts strive to inspire greater pride in the Palena Province's natural beauty and cultural heritage and promote environmental and agroecological education. We develop these projects in partnership with neighbors and community members, identifying initiatives that are mutually beneficial and interesting. At times, we have given grants to small NGOs or to individuals to take on these projects.

In addition to the El Amarillo Village project, we have worked with towns such as Chaitén on town beautification projects. In Chaitén, we established a system of garbage, recycling and compost bins to help manage litter and jumpstart an ethic of recycling and composting. This project included a door-to-door campaign to teach community members proper waste separation. In the coastal villages of Buill and Raul Marin Balmaceda, we helped establish schools for the children living there (in addition to the project school run within Pumalín Park). These communities were far away from the nearest existing public school, leading many children to abandon their education at an early age. The curriculum in these schools had a strong emphasis on ecology, natural history, and organic agriculture.

Throughout the years, we have worked extensively with local radio stations, seeing radio as an important means of communication in remote areas, which supports localized thinking and dialogue. Local radio programs can help maintain community traditions and cohesion while providing news. We have sponsored numerous radio programs in Puerto Montt and throughout the Chiloe region that discussed agro-ecology, pesticide use, food and nutrition, small-scale artisanal fishing, and various topics in environmental conservation.

To support local environmental education, we sponsored several traveling programs that visited schools throughout the Palena Province. The Caracolito theater troupe performed various comedic skits that delivered environmental messages in lighthearted ways. From dancing animals to speaking trees, these performances brought ecological lessons to life and encouraged kids to think about wildlife and environmental degradation. We sponsored the troupe, which was originally from Valparaiso, allowing them to interact with thousands of children in south Chile. For several years, we provided funding for a traveling agroecology program, which taught students about organic production, healthy food, and nutrition.

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