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Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile

The offices are located in the city of Puerto Varas, where the coordinating team for Parque Pumalín meets. The office also manages the Pumalín Project, which administrates the conservation, organic agriculture, and ecotourism projects.

Proyecto y Parque Pumalín
Klenner 299, Puerto Varas
X Región, Chile

Te.: 56 (65) 2250079
Fax: 56 (65) 2255145


San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos

The Conservation Land Trust and Conservación Patagónica office is located in San Francisco. You can find information and brochures about the Pumalín Park. Visit us if you want to obtain information or ask questions about the park.

1606 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123, USA
Te.: (415) 229 9339

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