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Pumalín Park allows tens of thousands of visitors from around the world to immerse themselves in the wild, pristine Valdivian temperate rainforest. Its world-class system of public access offers travelers young and old comfortable and beautiful accommodations, spectacular trails, and educational visitor centers. The Conservation Land Trust runs Pumalín Park as a non-profit venture, striving to offer these services inexpensively to the public to encourage natural experiences. Moreover, running the many initiatives of the Pumalín Project requires manpower and investment. If you believe in the creation, protection, and operation of great, wild, public-access parks, please consider supporting Pumalín through donating to The Conservation Land Trust.



Contributing to The Conservation Land Trust means becoming a partner in creating enduring national and regional parks, and supporting the diverse ecological processes that create and shape these ecosystems. Founded by Doug Tompkins in 1992, The Conservation Land Trust focuses in southern Chile and the Iberá Wetlands of northeastern Argentina. Your contribution will help us protect wildlife, restore landscapes back to health, and preserve vibrant ecosystems for generations to come.


Methods of Giving

The quick and easy way to give is through the online giving forms listed above, but there are numerous other methods of giving that may better suit your needs. Below you will find a variety of options for donating to our efforts, whether you wish to give to Conservacion Patagonica, or to The Conservation Land Trust. Whatever method you choose, your gift is tax-deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent of the law (note: gifts are tax-deductible for Americans only).

Gifts by Credit Card
If you wish to use a credit card but do not want to give online, you can call our U.S. offices at 415-229-9339.

Gifts by Check
You can make out a check to either Conservacion Patagonica or The Conservation Land Trust, and mail it to our U.S. offices: 1606 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA.

Gifts of Securities
Ask your financial advisor about the tax benefits of donating appreciated securities. Should you wish to make a gift of stock, please call our U.S. offices at 415-229-9339 for transfer instructions.

Matching Gifts
Some employers offer to match charitable gifts made by their employees. If your company has this policy, contact your employer's benefits office to obtain necessary instructions.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts
You may choose to make a gift in honor or memory of another person. Simply indicate on whose behalf you are making your gift when you donate. If you would like us to notify your honoree, please provide us with their name and address.

Planned Gifts
Planned gifts allow our donors to be partners in conservation while realizing tangible financial gains. Planned giving allows donors to make charitable contributions at a future date, retaining the use of the assets in the meanwhile. Planned giving can meet estate-planning needs, while also fulfilling charitable intentions. With careful planning, donors can have more control over what both heirs and favorite charities ultimately receive.

Below is a selection of planned giving tools. Please check with your financial or legal advisors to help you evaluate the best strategy for your situation. Whatever method you choose, please let us know about your decision, so your gift can be properly acknowledged.

A bequest in your will is the simplest form of planned gift and allows you to provide an enduring gift to Conservacion Patagonica or The Conservation Land Trust.

Qualified Pension Plans
Designating Conservacion Patagonica or The Conservation Land Trust as the beneficiary to your IRA, Keogh, or other qualified pension plan can provide significant tax benefits. Assets in these plans accumulate without being taxed, but at the point of distribution can result in significant taxation.

Life Insurance Policy
Life insurance can maximize the size of the charitable gift you are able to make, and can also serve as a versatile estate-planning tool.

Life Income Gifts
Life income gifts are powerful philanthropic tools. They typically provide income to the donor, a donation to a charity, and both income and estate benefits. There are a number of different types of life income gifts, like charitable remainder trusts, pooled income funds, charitable lead trusts, and revocable charitable remainder trusts.

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