Pumalín Park

About Pumalín Park

One of the largest and most diverse conservation efforts in South America, Pumalín Park lies in Chile's Palena Province, south of the city of Puerto Montt. The park protects 715,000 acres of flora-rich Valdivian temperate rainforest, home to many endemic species including some of the planet's last stands of the endangered, enormous, millennia-old Alerce trees. These exceptionally wet, original forests reach all the way to the ocean, something that is increasingly rare worldwide. Above the rich, green forests stand the snow-clad Andes, making for one of the most spectacular coastlines on Earth—a landscape of extraordinary grandeur and wildness. The park's network of trails, campgrounds, information centers, and tourist amenities enable visitors to enjoy this wild landscape.

Learn more about the park's history, explore areas to visit, open trails, and plan your trip to experience this majestic place for yourself!


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