Parque Pumalín


Volcán Chaitén

In May of 2008, Volcán Chaitén erupted after 9000 dormant years, causing tremendous damage to Chaitén and Pumalín, and even in to Argentina. The park was closed for two years, during which extensive restoration work was conducted. The new trail starts 34km south of Caleta Gonzalo, by which you can climb up to the crater. The hike up takes approximately 1.5 hours, with a 45 minute descent.

Starting place: From the Carretera Austral, Los Gigios bridge, 34 km south of Caleta Gonzalo.
Duration: 2½ round trip.
Distance: 4,4 km round trip.
Return: Same route.
Difficulty: Medium-High.


Volcán Chaitén Trail

View from the trail

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