Pumalín Park

Where to Stay

Cahuelmó Hot Springs

Cahuelmó hot springs


These natural hot springs are located at the end of the Cahuelmo fjord. Access to the hot springs is only by boat. The nearest town is Hornopirén.

Day vists to the hot springs are permitted, but camping is not allowed as we do not have facilities. We invite you to review the camping areas avalaible in Pumalin http://www.parquepumalin.cl/visiting_the_park.htm

Mandatory standards:

With the objective of protect the ecosystems, minimize the impacts and ensure your safety, please follow the rules below:
-No fires permitted.
-It is mandatory to take out the trash and pollutants out of the park (including cigarette butts).
-Plan and organize your visit with time. Pumalin Park does not provide shuttle service or guides.
-It is forbidden to damage the natural patrimony, as well as feed or disturb wildlife.
-Be careful: the climate changes unexpectedally and these are complex geographical conditions. Always use the proper equipment.

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