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Caleta Gonzalo

Caleta Gonzalo serves as a hub for tourist services in this part of the park. You can arrive by ferry from Fiordo Largo or by car from Chaitén, 60km to the south. This area includes a large public campground (with bathrooms and covered cook shelters), numerous cabañas, a café/ restaurant, visitor and information center, and stores that sells handicrafts and basic foods. One hiking trail departs next to the café.

Just across the hanging footbridge from the campground, a small organic farm produces vegetables for park employees, the café, and visitors—you can buy vegetables at a kiosk there. The farm administrator, who lives on-site, is happy to answer questions about agricultural activities underway.

At the information center you can pick up brochures and maps, ask about camping, trails, and the ferry schedule, and buy local handicrafts. The café just across the road serves three meals a day as well as tea, coffee and a variety of pastries.


The information center

The café


Camping Río Gonzalo

One of Pumalín's main campgrounds, Camping Río Gonzalo offers dozens of spaces for tents, bathrooms with cold water showers, and three large covered cook shelters. To reach this area, cross the footbridge, 300m south of the Caleta Gonzalo ferry ramp. The campground has remained clean due to campers' care and use of the garbage cans. Your contribution to a beautiful and clean campground is essential.


Cabañas Caleta Gonzalo

Those looking for more luxurious lodging can stay at the cabañas. These seven rustic but luxurious cabanas, open year round, are located on the Reñihué Fjord with excellent ocean views. Constructed in the local architectural style, each cabaña features its own design. These cozy wooden houses accommodate up to 5 people, depending on the cabaña (some have an upstairs loft). All have a private bathroom but no kitchen. Rates include breakfast at the Caleta Gonzalo Café, which also serves lunch, tea and dinner, all homemade.

For information about the cabañas or to make a reservation, contact reservas@parquepumalin.cl, or call the main Pumalín Park office at +56 65 25 00 79.


Cabañas complex

Cabañas near the ferry ramp


Some of the interiors

Another cabaña interior

Cabañas Río Gonzalo

There are two, self-catering cabanas on the nearby Río Gonzalo farm: Cabaña Hobbit and Cabaña Colono. Both have kitchens (so do not include breakfast) and are heated by wood stove, which the manager will show you how to use. To reach these cabañas, first register in the café, and then walk from the main parking lot along the walkway that passes through the camping area (about 15 minutes). Given that you cannot access the cabañas directly by car, we suggest packing light and bringing a flashlight, particularly if you are arriving at night. We also recommend packing waterproof clothing and rain boots in case of bad weather, though the road is pretty good.

Cabaña Hobbit is a charming cottage that accommodates up to four people. It is made up of four, clearly separated rooms, connected by terraces: one room with double bed, a second room with two single beds, kitchen and dining/ living area, private bath and outside barbeque area.

Cabaña Colono is a much simpler loft space with bunk beds, accommodating up to two people.

For information about the cabañas or to make a reservation, contact reservas@parquepumalin.cl, or call the main Pumalín Park office at +56 65 25 00 79.


The Río Gonzalo farm

Cabañas Fundo Río Gonzalo

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Taking off from the trailhead next to the café at Caleta Gonzalo, this hike to a spectacular waterfall takes about 3 hours round trip. The trail travels through lush rain forest, winding up and down. Along the way you'll enjoy a vista point that looks out on the Huequi Penninsula and over miles of pristine temperate forest.


Trail through the rain forest

Cascadas trail

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