Pumalín Park

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Cascadas Escondidas


Located 14 kilometers south of Caleta Gonzalo and 44 kilometers north of Chaitén, this campground has 3 individual sites accessible by vehicle, each with a cook shelter, and a communal area with bathrooms, and a wash station. You can access the trailhead for the Hidden Falls Trail from here.

Camping prices:

$ 5.000 per person entitled to overnight stay in community modules per day.

$ 16.000 per group up to 4 persons entitled to overnight stay in private modules. Additional person pays
$ 5.000- per day.

The mobile homes, camper or motorhome, when entering any camping area and use our parking lots must cancel $5,000 chilean pesos.

In case a motor home, camper or motorhome is parked in a private module, as is in the case of camping El Volcán, Lago Blanco, Camping Grande and Camping Ventisquero, they must cancel 16,000 chilean pesos, up to four people per night.

Cascadas Escondidas campground

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