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Cascadas Escondidas


Located 14 kilometers south of Caleta Gonzalo and 44 kilometers north of Chaitén, this campground has 3 individual sites accessible by vehicle, each with a cook shelter, and a communal area with bathrooms, and a wash station. You can access the trailhead for the Hidden Falls Trail from here.

Camping prices 2017-2018:

$ 16.000 CLP per day for a group of 4 people or fewer using a private quincho. If there are more than 4 people in the group, each additional person pays $ 6.000 CLP per day.

$ 6.000 CLP per person using community shelters.

$ 10. 000 CLP per motorhome that uses parking lots and enters the camping areas.

Cascadas Escondidas campground

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