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El Amarillo

At the southern entrance of Pumalín Park, the village of El Amarillo offers numerous tourist amenities in one of the most beautiful settings in the region. The Conservation Land Trust has worked with this community for years on a village beautification project, which aims to improve livelihoods through bolstering ecotourism and to foment community pride.


El Amarillo sector, the southern entrance of the park

Park guard station in El Amarillo

A park office and information center sits on the edge of town, with views of the Michinmahuida Volcano. Visit to pick up maps and brochures, and learn more about hikes, camping, and tours in the area. By 2016, we expect to complete a full visitor center here as well. In town, you'll find a gas station and general store, which sells camping supplies, local organic produce, handicrafts, hardware and a full range of groceries. There are also several small markets. You can find simple accommodations and restaurants.


Tourists in El Amarillo's town

Puma Verde store


Puma Verde store

Puma Verde store


Campgrounds and picnic areas are located along the road running into the Amarillo Valley, located just east of the bridge near the airstrip. The first campground you'll find is the Carlos Cuevas Campground, with a communal camping shelter next to a stream, bathrooms, and views of Mount Tabique. You can park at the entrance to the campground, or continue 100m to a bridge with more parking and a path back to the campground. Continue 600m down the same road and you'll find Vuelta del Río Camping, next to a calm creek, with a communal camping shelter, bathroom, parking and campsites. 2.7km farther, you can find three individual campsites, each with a cook shelter and parking, and a communal camping area with a larger shelter, bathrooms (with cold showers), and parking. From here, you can hike for ~1hour to the Ventisquero Campground, with an extraordinary view of the valley and glaciers of Michinmahuida Volcano.

Camping prices:

$ 5.000 per person entitled to overnight stay in community modules per day.

$ 16.000 per group up to 4 persons entitled to overnight stay in private modules. Additional person pays
$ 5.000- per day.

The mobile homes, camper or motorhome, when entering any camping area and use our parking lots must cancel $5,000 chilean pesos.

In case a motor home, camper or motorhome is parked in a private module, as is in the case of camping El Volcán, Lago Blanco, Camping Grande and Camping Ventisquero, they must cancel 16,000 chilean pesos, up to four people per night.


Campground in El Amarillo

Scenic location for a picnic!

Hot Springs:

El Amarillo Hot Springs

The Amarillo Hot Springs are located 2 kms east of the Amarillo Village. They are managed by the City Hall of Chaiten. They are in good conditions and offer a great place for relaxation with a big pool. They are open year around and they charge a nominal fee.

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