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El Volcán


El Volcán is the second largest campground in the park. Located 29 km south of Caleta Gonzalo and 29 km from Chaitén, this campground features 12 individual sites, each with its own cooking area, barbeque, parking and drinkable water access. Campfires are prohibited here, so plan on cooking with stoves only. There are several restrooms with cold showers.

Camping prices 2017-2018:

$ 16.000 CLP per day for a group of 4 people or fewer using a private quincho. If there are more than 4 people in the group, each additional person pays $ 6.000 CLP per day.

$ 6.000 CLP per person using community shelters.

$ 10. 000 CLP per motorhome that uses parking lots and enters the camping areas.


El Volcán campground

El Volcán campground

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