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Hornopirén is the town at the northern end of the Comao Fjord, with simple accommodations, restaurants, and stores. The ferry that runs to Caleta Gonzalo through Leptepu leaves from the town's main dock, where you can find numerous fishing boats that are sometimes willing to take passengers into the Quintupeu and Comau fjords. Hornopirén serves as the access point for two hot springs: on Llancahue Island (20 minutes by boat from Hornopirén) and in the Cahuelmó Fjord (approximately two hours by boat from Hornopirén).

Several small restaurants and cafés are located around the town square, as is a grocery and handicrafts store.


The Hornopirén town in the Comao Fjord

The Honopirén farm


Hotel Hornopirén

This rustic hotel is owned and managed by Señora Oli, who also makes wonderful homemade meals.
Ignacio Carrera Pinto 388, Hornopirén
Phone: (65) 217256

Cabañas Rehbein

These comfortable cabanas are owned and managed by Señora Myriam.
Av. Ingenieros Militares s/n, Hornopirén
Phone/Fax: (65) 217350
Cellphone: 09 1326050

Hot Springs:

Cahuelmó hot spring


Llancahue Island

Rustic lodging and home-cooked food available, two outside hot spring pools and indoor private baths.
Phone: (2) 1969433
Cell Phone: 09 6424857


To access the hotsrpings you must hire a transportation at the ramp. There are strict rules to use the pools and the camping has limited space. Alsur Expeditions is the concesionaire of Cahulemo Hotprings and also offers daily trips from Honopiren. Also the Llancahué hotsprings offer tours to the fjords.
Alsur Expediciones
Phone: (65) 2232300

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