Pumalín Park

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The Pillán farm is the administrative center of the Pumalín Park and Project, housing a park office and information center, as well as the honey processing facilities. You can arrive here by boat from Caleta Gonzalo or by vehicle from Leptepu. Although there is no official campground, you may set up camp at the farm if necessary. Short trails around the farm provide an introduction to the agricultural activities underway.

Its important to consider, that if you decide to visit the farm from Leptepu and you miss your space in the ferry, you might get stuck in this section of the Carretera Austral so you must consider making previous arangements with the ferry company. If you decide to visit the farm from Caleta Gonzalo you must check at the café and ask for information about hiring transportation.


Pumalín Project's offices in Pillán

Facilities in the Pillán Farm

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