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Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas, a small historic city just north of Puerto Montt, serves as an excellent jumping-off point for trips to Pumalín Park. Known as one of the most beautiful towns in Chile, Puerto Varas offers a range of attractions and tourist amenities. The main office for Fundación Pumalín and The Conservation Land Trust is located here, in a historic building at 299 Klenner Street. This office serves as an information center for the park, where you can pick up brochures and park maps, and speak with Pumalín staff. It also houses a handicrafts and souvenirs shop, where you can buy local woolens, wood bowls, books and posters, t-shirts, and more.


Oficina de la Fundación Pumalín en Puerto Varas

Tienda de artesanías y souvenirs

To learn about restaurants, tours, lodging and campgrounds in Puerto Varas, see the city's tourism website.

The address and contact information for the office is:
Klenner 299, Puerto Varas, X Región, Chile
Tel.: 56 (65) 2250079
Fax: 56 (65) 2255145

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