Parque Pumalín

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Activities in the Park

Pumalín Park offers the adventurous traveler a plethora of opportunities for exploration, wildlife-watching, learning, and relaxing. Sea kayakers can explore the Comao and Reñihué fjords, where dolphins, sea lions, and even whales are spotted frequently. Hikers can find a range of trails, from beginner to advanced, leading to waterfalls, up volcanoes, and through the dense rainforest. Skilled climbers will find endless unclimbed peaks to explore, with massive granite walls and expansive glaciers. Those interested in Pumalín's diverse and unusual flora can enjoy self-guided botanical walks. Cyclists are welcome and encouraged to travel through the park.

Please note that dogs are not allowed.



Encompassing a vast wilderness area, where steep peaks meet the ocean and dense wet forests crowd the hillsides, Pumalín's geography presents some challenges for travelers. Planning your visit ahead of time will enable you to explore the park more fully.

The Park has several access points and areas: Pumalín North, which extends south from the town of Hornopirén through the Comau fjord and doesn't have land access; Pumalín West, centered on the tourist amenities at Caleta Gonzalo; and Pumalín South, which reaches to the small town of El Amarillo. Most of the access to the park is along the Carretera Austral, Chile's Southern Highway, and the ferries that bridge gaps in the road.

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