Pumalín Park

Where to Stay


Located at the south end of the Comao Fjord and on the shores of the Vodudahue River, the spectacular Vodudahue farm serves as an informal park station. While this is not an official campground, visitors may set up camp if necessary, although amenities are limited. This farm contains the native tree nursery of the Alerce 3000 project, with species of alerce, mañio, ciprés of the guaitecas, ulmo, tepa and tineo, among others. Those with a fishing license may try their luck in the Vodudahue and Trolihuán rivers, known to be good fly-fishing territory.


Vodudahue farm with Mt. Pizarro in the background

The Vodudahue farm

We recommend that you plan your travel to and from Vodudahue in advance, as the only access is by boat. Please take your trash with you.


Vodudahue is surrounded by lakes and rivers

The farm is only accesible by boat

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