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Volunteering with the Pumalín Project offers the chance to take part in this large-scale, multi-faceted conservation project while living in a spectacular, rugged setting. While we do not have an established volunteer program (such as the one at our sister project, the future Patagonia National Park), we do welcome qualified volunteers from time to time. Some volunteers have come as part of university internship programs.

Interested volunteers must commit to a minimum of one to six months, and can expect to work in at leas tone of the following areas: organic gardens, organic beekeeping, general field labor, and/or in the native species' nursery focusing on reforestation and landscaping.

All volunteers are unpaid, and must organize their own transportation to and from the park. Depending on the arrangement, you may live either in your own tent or with employees in project housing. The climate in Pumalín is EXTREMELY rainy, so it is vitally important to come prepared with proper clothing, though we can provide a rain suit and rain boots. All jobs are outside no matter the weather conditions. Pumalín is extremely remote, with little communication to the outside world, so be prepared for isolation!

Important note: All volunteers must obtain a visa (minimum one month) and bring proof of medical insurance. Volunteers will be asked to sign a liability release form upon arrival in Pumalín.

To learn more about potential opportunities to volunteer with the Pumalín Project, send an email to with your resume/CV and a summary of your skills, background, interest and availability.

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